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The digital library has been developing since 2010 by researchers employed at University of Novi Sad. The University of Novi Sad was founded on 28 June 1960. The University of Novi Sad is now the second largest university in Serbia. Today it comprises 14 faculties located in the four major towns of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina: Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin, and Sombor. The university employs over 3,000 researchers and more than 40,000 students studied in those 14 faculties and graduated from University of Novi Sad.

OpenDLT is integrated to scientific-research information system of University of Novi Sad in January of 2012 (CRIS UNS). CRIS UNS is a CERIF-compatible research management system under development since 2008 at University of Novi Sad, Serbia. CRIS UNS system is implemented with an intention to fulfill requirements prescribed by international standards that are widely adopted in the scientific-research domain and to fulfill all local requirements prescribed by rule books of the University of Novi Sad, Secretariat for Science and Technological Development of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia. In order to fulfill international standards within scientific-research domain, a CERIF compatible data model based on MARC 21 format was created. This compatible CERIF data model stores data about scientific-research outputs, researchers, scientific-projects and institutions using MARC 21 bibliographic and authority records. MARC 21 format is rich in metadata and enables detailed description of scientific-research entities. MARC 21 format can store all metadata about dissertations prescribed by formats Dublin Core and EDT-MS. For the sake of evaluating scientific-research results the CRIS UNS data model extension is created. This extension enables evaluation of scientific-research results by rule book prescribed by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia. Development of a Unified Search

Migration of more than 3,000 PhD dissertations from previous digital library to the OpenDLT system is done. Data are checked and supplied by university’s librarian. Procedure for PhD dissertations’ submission is defined. Acquiring of data about master theses is in progress.

Search of those PhD dissertations are open and can be accessed via this link:


Developers team

  • Dragan Ivanović
  • Dušan Surla
  • Lidija Ivanović
  • Bojana Dimić Surla
  • Robert Molnar
  • Zora Konjović
  • Branko Milosavljević
  • Gordana Rudić


OpenDLT is open source digital library of master theses and PhD dissertations. It has been developing since 2010 at University of Novi Sad, Serbia as a web application using Java platform and set of open-source libraries written in Java.