Ivanović, L. (2013). Search of catalogues of theses and dissertations. Novi Sad J. Math43(1), 155-165.

The aim of this paper is to review the existing catalogues of dissertations available through Internet as well as standards on which those catalogues are made. Various systems that store dissertations metadata were analyzed. The analyses found out that these systems are based on a number of standards, protocols and formats that enable interoperability of these systems: CERIF standard, AOI-PMH protocol, Dublin Core format, MARC 21 format, ETD-MS format. Based on this analysis within the CRIS UNS system is implemented a module for search of PhD dissertations in such a way that the dissertations metadata are in accordance with previously mentioned standards, protocols and formats.


Developers team

  • Dragan Ivanović
  • Dušan Surla
  • Lidija Ivanović
  • Bojana Dimić Surla
  • Robert Molnar
  • Zora Konjović
  • Branko Milosavljević
  • Gordana Rudić


OpenDLT is open source digital library of master theses and PhD dissertations. It has been developing since 2010 at University of Novi Sad, Serbia as a web application using Java platform and set of open-source libraries written in Java.