Dragan Ivanovic

Dragan Ivanović has worked at the Department of Computing and Automatics, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad on the position of assistant professor since 2010.
Mr. Ivanović received his Master degree in 2006 and Ph. D. degree in 2010 in Computer Science from the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences. He teaching seminars on the subjects Digital documents management on master studies and Selected Topics of Digital Archives on PhD studies at the Computer Science Department – these courses include topics related to: library standards, digital repositories (including OA policies and OA repositories), information retrieval, etc.

He can be contacted at dragan.ivanovic@uns.ac.rs.


Developers team

  • Dragan Ivanović
  • Dušan Surla
  • Lidija Ivanović
  • Bojana Dimić Surla
  • Robert Molnar
  • Zora Konjović
  • Branko Milosavljević
  • Gordana Rudić


OpenDLT is open source digital library of master theses and PhD dissertations. It has been developing since 2010 at University of Novi Sad, Serbia as a web application using Java platform and set of open-source libraries written in Java.